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"En AIC®, el Conocimiento es nuestro negocio."

Spanish Courses |Cursos de Español



Learn Spanish Online with aic®Our aic® Spanish 101 Course is focused on teaching the Spanish language in all its aspects. Be it written, read, spoken and listened to; we have designed a fast and comprehensive course that can be taken either at your company, home or even online.

Our motto is learn Spanish flawlessy “WITHOUT MISTAKES OR LIES".

We invite you to learn about our patented method and system [HERE].`

This section briefly introduces the Spanish 101 Course we have designed over the years:

Spanish 101 Course

The course is a 240 hour project that will develop the Spanish language with the advantage of springing forward a native pronunciation in any English speaker.

The 240 hours are split up in 6 modules ( levels) of 40 hours each.

Each module is cohesively split up into 40 hours or sessions.

The student(s) are recommended taking a minimum of 4 hours per week. So in 10 weeks or 2.5 months, he or she will have covered one module. This translates into a 14 month course if 4 hours are taken per week.*

Hours p/ Week
Weeks p/ Module
Length of Course in Weeks
Length in Months

The cost is very affordable, especially if the course is given online. This is a sort of outsourcing, but instead of have a product produced for you, you would be receiving a service in return.


  • Course is given by our General Academic Director, Profr. Alexander Backman who has spent more than 17 years in researching and development to deliver his patented methodology without the use of complex books and tedious homeworks.
  • When learning with aic® you are not only practicing but you are also being trained to develop your natural decoding abilities through logic thus generating true understanding and a deep interest into the mechanics of the Spanish Language and the English Language at the same time.
  • As well, you are trained to harness and have total control over how to program your subconcious mind.

About Profr. Alexander Backman

He is half Swede and half Mexican. He possess a high IQ level (155) and since an early age demonstrated an innate ability to decipher, decode and resolve complex problems with simple solutions and strategies. He was part of the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program in California, USA at age 7 through 11.

At age 22, he was trained by Tibetan Lamas and in the years ensuing mastered the way of the East. This includes meditation practices such as Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong and Mantras. This took him on an inner journey that honed his abilities to understanding that life and the essence of all things reside dependent on a harmonius numerical code sequence.

He began to research and self study human origins and symbolic (iconic) information systems. He came to the conclusion that the mind, ergo the memory, thinks and associates ifnormation in pictures, signs and time-space related events, and by this, registers such data accordingly. Thanks to this understanding, he developed a unique system of symbols to compatibilize the English and Spanish languages. This system uses ICONS much like windows or any other OS uses them to understand and store data.

"The human mind is a super computer that, when taught correctly and stimulated effectively, can open up new doorways to potentialize the human species into a better and more effective mechanism of thought, emotions and spiritual enlightenment."

Prof. Alexander Backman

Please contact us for more information and we are sure you will be more than convinced into taking our course.




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